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About Us

Vehicle servicing is one of our main areas of expertise here at ‘Rohais Motor Centre’. Our company was established in 1995 so with nearly 25 years of experience within the industry we have managed to build our company up to a reliable, trustworthy and highly respectable business.

All vehicle servicing is completed by certified and experience professionals who are extremely talented and knowledgeable in what they do. As our company has built up a great reputation over the years we make sure all our work is to the highest of standards so we do not let any customers down.


Car audio is a popular demand which we deal with here at ‘Rohais Motor Centre’. We provide many different types of car audio which means we have car audio to suit most car types and all different types of budgets, as we have simple cheap car audio right up to more expensive and high tech car audio, so no matter what you are looking for we are bound to be able to help you.

Our company ‘Rohais Motor Centre’ has been running since 1995 and in this time we have been providing high quality car audio for clients with all different type of vehicles. Our car audio service is growing ever more popular as our company has built up an excellent, envious reputation and we are well known for providing the best quality car audio at the most competitive prices.


Electronic fuel injections are a system which allows fuel into a central combustion engine, electronic fuel injection systems break up the fuel by powerfully pushing it through a small syringe under a very high pressure.

The electronic fuel injection process in time has replaced the throttle body fuel injection system and the single point systems due to it being far more efficient and it also has several point fuel injection systems which means that the systems are more accurate at measuring out fuel and also work faster due to the separate cylinders.

Here at Rohais Motor Centre we offer electronic fuel injection repair services, all of our employees are qualified experts in this field and all have a vast amount of knowledge regarding your faulty electronic fuel injection.

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