Summer Opening times 8.30am - 5pm
Winter Opening 8.30am - 4pm

About Us

LASERWASH, is a high-tech car wash facility which offers the island's only laser-measuring, brush-free,automated, car wash, and lets drivers relax in our lounge and viewing area to take in the spectacle.

Business partners and long-term friends Mark Allez and Neil Le Poidevin set up the venture in response to what they perceived as a high demand for the service.

A lot of people,  are reluctant to use a conventional car wash, as they  either own a convertible, or have  fears about scratching the paintwork or causing other damage.
With this in mind,we treat your car with care so you can be assured the only thing that will touch it, is us preparing it to be washed,’
Three levels of service are available, from a standard wash and wax, to our dura - shield body armor, and finally a b'spoke wash of your choice.

Each car receives a manual preparation wash before going through the machine. (or if the hoover service is required, again  this process takes place prior to going through the machine.)
‘We pre-soak the car with environmentally friendly alkaline solution, and then with a high-pressure jet-wash blast off dirt from roof to sill's and under wheel arch's, removing all   loose dirt, then sponging  the entire body, and wheels . The machine then takes over, applying the rinse agent, and blow drying.

The company also offers an extensive valeting service.

Please contact uscfor more details on how we can best be of service to you and your car.

Summer Opening times
8.30am - 5pm
Winter Opening
8.30am - 4pm